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Client: ExpertVoice

Project: Rebrand

Roles: Brand strategy and audience persona development, brand messaging creation, photo guidelines and brand book production, live presentation and internal facilitation


Since its inception, ExpertVoice had struggled to communicate its value proposition to both brand clients and “experts” — the real world gearheads that ExpertVoice helps brands connect with. The company’s name had even changed several times over the years in effort to better explain what it did. But whether it was called 3point5, Experticity or ExpertVoice, people inside and outside the organization were clear that the company had real value, but were unclear on how to talk about that value. Alex worked with ExpertVoice CEO, Tom Stockham, and the rest of the C-Suite  to develop a new internal brand messaging platform that explained the offering in clear, compelling, human language. She also led a team that developed new type and color offerings, and built a full photography guide for the company’s internal creative team. Ultimately, Alex and team crafted a quarterly rag-style brand lookbook for all employees, and presented the new brand platform in a company-wide offsite retreat. 

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