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Client: New Belgium Brewing

Project: Fat Tire Ale— Finding Common Ground 

Roles: Creative development, writing,  video production, launch strategy, BTS & social asset production

Alex developed, wrote and directed this Camp4 campaign for New Belgium Brewing’s Fat Tire Ale that celebrates how different Americans choose to play on our shared public lands. In addition to producing three films, Camp4 created a social launch strategy for the campaign, along with a month’s worth of supporting social content. The resulting engagement meant that the American public could help channel $250,000 from New Belgium toward the public lands nonprofit organizations they most resonated with. Just like beer, public lands are a great democratizer that can bring all of us together to find common ground. 

New Belgium Brewing has been a strong supporter of public lands since its inception, donating over $27 million throughout its 30-year history to protect and preserve America’s public lands. The brewery created Fat Tire for folks of all stripes to enjoy after a day spent playing outside— biking, skiing, four-wheeling, trail running, climbing, fishing, hunting, or hiking. But, Fat Tire had never undertaken any storytelling about their passion for public lands. The Finding Common Ground campaign brought together pairs of strangers from different ideologies and different recreation backgrounds, who nonetheless shared a passion for a particular swath of public land. By teaching one another how to enjoy their respective sports, the unlikely pairs were able to step into each other’s shoes and build empathy and trust.  Three short films. Six original American characters, with unique perspectives and forms of recreation. One united love of finding joy, thrill and solace on our shared national playgrounds.

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