Camp4 Collective is growing, and we are looking for the following people to join us on our quest to get more people outside through visual storytelling. To reach out about joining the team, please email (only) with the job title in the subject line. 


The route-finder. The rope gun. The trip leader putting together the right team for each expedition. 


The HoP is responsible for managing all productions and other content-based client projects at Camp4. You provide critical support to the freelance producers who run each project, offering them a centralized point of contact and a standardized system for budgeting jobs, sourcing crew and gear, managing project schedules, handling insurance, asset delivery, media back-ups, and final wrap paperwork. You interface with Camp4’s bookkeeper on production-related invoicing and billing, and you control costs by overseeing schedules and budgets. 


You must be comfortable working independently in a fast-paced, small-team, entrepreneurial environment. We’ll be looking to you to build systems and create structure  so that Camp4 can grow, while continuing to attract the brightest and most diverse crew and collaborators. You have a pivotal role in creating the vibe at the studio:  you’ll foster open communications and encourage a participatory, team-oriented environment. Position is full-time, in-person in Camp4’s studio in Salt Lake City. 


You’ll need to have ample experience with the following:

• Film production

• Post production

• Production scheduling

• Production management

• Production budgeting

• Cost accounting

• Relationships within the production community

• Familiarity with current camera and audio gear

• Awareness of current technologies

• Legal contracts



The base camp manager, keeping everything running smoothly while teams are out on expedition.


The Studio Manager handles the administration and operations of Camp4’s Salt Lake City studio. You keep the lights on, the wifi running fast, the snack bins full, and generally hold down the fort at HQ. You manage the janitorial  staff, deal with the mail, the rent, the alarm and IT systems and the stock of office supplies and clients. You serve as the first point of contact for most new business, and a familiar voice for our current clients. You interface with Camp4’s bookkeeper to keep an eye on our day-to-day finances and cash flows. You coordinate the schedules for all Camp4 partners, staff and interns and generally keep track of where on the planet we all are at any given time. 


You are organized and self-directed, with a keen interest in office administration and daily operations. Your presence helps set the vibe at the studio, so you must have strong interpersonal skills. You are capable of making decisions and moving your projects forward independently in a fast-paced, small team, entrepreneurial environment. 

At least two years managing or administering office operations required. Position is full-time, in-person in Camp4’s studio in Salt Lake City. 



You provide senior level management of projects, clients and business operations as Camp4 grows. For both internal and external communications, your role is central. Internally, you will lead the organization workflow through creative, production and post, managing select projects or work streams within a multidisciplinary team of staff and freelancers. Externally, you will be the primary contact for the brand, leading our client communications and strategic relationship management. You are an exceptional and inspirational leader, and a trusted advocate for your team and the client. You prioritize people in your management methods, knowing that the work will be better when we support people to be healthy and balanced.

You have at least 10 years experience leading account or production teams at a creative agency or production company, and can demonstrate having helmed the creation of high-end content for clients and teams that loved working with you. The Executive Producer can work remotely and need not live full-time in Salt Lake City, but must spend 5-7 days a month physically working from our SLC studio to effectively engage with and lead the team. Position is full-time with an initial freelance trial period. 


Once a project awards, you shepherd it through the creative and production processes, under the direction of Camp4’s Executive Producer. You’ll have the opportunity to line produce your projects on-the-ground as desired. You operate independently as an experienced project lead, handling budgeting, client management and crew management from project award through final delivery. You are intrinsically organized with a strong eye towards human focused leadership and profitability. You are deeply familiar with both union and non-union film production, rules, traditions, roles and costs. You have built and managed your own team of production staff on small, medium and large budgets on traditional commercials as well as branded content for both film and print. 

You have been leading commercial production for at least 5 years. Position is freelance with the potential for on-staff if desired. Position can be remote from anywhere in the USA, and requires you to spend some time in our Salt Lake City studio to build and maintain your relationships with our staff and creatives.