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Client: Public Lands

Project: Let’s Land Together brand launch campaign

Roles: Brand development, campaign development, content production, interagency creative direction

When Dick’s Sporting Goods decided to create a new brand—a national outdoor retailer—they knew they needed a partner who understood how to speak to the endemic communities of their target audience: trail runners, skiers, mountain bikers, climbers, paddlers, anglers and hikers. Camp4 was honored to be selected as that partner. The result of our ongoing collaboration is Public Lands, a new kind of outdoor retail store that combines highly-curated, style-forward apparel and gear, with a mission to celebrate and protect America’s public lands for all. Helmed by C4 partners Tim Kemple and Alexandra Fuller, our work with Public Lands has involved everyone at Camp4 to create a brand identity, multi-channel launch campaign, ongoing TVC-driven campaigns, and a collaboration with badass rock star and fly-fisher, Brittany Howard.


Public Lands believes that doing things outdoors is more fun together, even in the best of times. Emerging from an unprecedented period of isolation and divisiveness, we hunger for that togetherness more than ever.


The Let’s Land Together campaign celebrates unity and a purpose-driven approach to the outdoors. It says that playing outdoors is better together…and that working on behalf of the outdoors together is better, too. It says that yes, we must run, roll, float, shred, climb, ride, rise, cast and go together as companions in outdoor recreation. And that also yes, we must fight, clean, work, build, teach, share and help advocate together as companions in stewardship of our shared public lands.



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