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Tim Kemple

Director | Photographer | Creative Director | Founder

Tim graduated from college, "moved into" an old RV and wandered the world climbing rocks. Somewhere in there he picked up a camera, and years later, he can still climb 5.14, but is far more well-known for his iconic images of world-class athletes in wild places for clients such as The North Face, Dodge Ram, BF Goodrich, Mitsubishi, Farm Credit and Amtrak. In recent years, he has gone deep into VR and 360 content for Jaunt VR, Yeti, TNF, Eastman and others, developing a rare early fluency with VR. He also thrives helming light and fast film crews, informing an epic yet intimate, authentic style apparent in recent digital campaigns for BF Goodrich, Eastman, The North Face and Macy's.

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