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Client: Utah Tourism

Project: The Road to Mighty campaign

Roles: Creative development and direction, video production, still photography

A collaboration between Alex— then creative director at Struck— and Camp4, The Road to Mighty campaign built on the equity of The Mighty 5®, while sharing the love (and the visitors) with the entire Southern Utah desert region. Alex wrote and creative directed the whole campaign, Anson directed the TVC, and Camp4 produced all video and photography  for this national tourism campaign, which included broadcast, digital, print, OOH, social and experiential.

The Road to Mighty campaign harnesses the romance of a road trip through the iconic American West with a multimedia campaign celebrating the public lands of Southern Utah and the writers and artists who have been inspired by these landscapes for centuries. Because whether we live in a high rise on the east coast, a suburban house on the west coast, or have never set foot above the Mason-Dixon line, when we close our eyes and dream of a road trip through the American West, we picture the landscapes of Southern Utah. They’re all a part of us. They’re our birthright.

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